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Our product ranges

Recorbet offers a wide range of products. Discover our Etamines, Gauze, Organzas, plain and semi-plain, fireproof, woven bases and our straight curtains in small widths...

Our range of stamens

Etamine is a very light fabric, soft to the touch and loosely woven. Etamine is usually used for light screening and is perfect for use in sheers. This fabric can also be used as an embroidery background.

Our range of gauze

Gauze is a light, transparent fabric that is particularly suitable for curtains. Its special features allow it to let in light. Gauze is also used in clothing and is only limited by your creativity !

Our range of Organzas

Very popular from the 18th century, this fabric was first imported from India and then manufactured in France. Similar to muslin, organza is usually used in furniture for curtains, in clothing for blouse trimmings or for evening dresses.

Our range of plains and semi-plains

Recorbet offers a complete range of plain and semi-plain fabrics. Our plain fabrics allow for more subtle shades and different effects that will surprise your customers' eyes.

Our range of woven bases

Our woven bases are the perfect answer to your needs for decorating your windows and bay windows. Its Jacquard patterns will sublimate your creations.

Our range of flame retardant fabrics

Our fireproof fabrics (M1 certification) perfectly meet the legal obligations imposed on establishments receiving the public (Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants and communities...).


If you can't find what you're looking for in our range, but would like to benefit from our advice and know-how ?
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